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Position Title:校园大使/代表(Campus Ambassador/Representative)



  • 担任车友会与学校/学联/学生之间的桥梁
  • 负责平日宣传及各项工作
  • 协助北美留学生车友会校园团队开拓市场
  • 协助北美留学生车友会与学校学生社团组织沟通/交流/合作
  • 详细了解所在学校市场及学生群体情况
  • 为本校学生答疑
  • 协助招募更多伙伴加入
  • 完成公司指派的其他任务,提升品牌影响力



  • 全日制在校北美大学本科生或研究生留学学生
  • 活泼,开朗,正能量,良好的人际交往能力,执行力强
  • 熟悉社交媒体,擅长运用社交媒体推广传播
  • 有学生社团/校园代理/或其他相关经验者优先考虑






Position TItle:Marketing Manager


Job Duties:

  • Performing extensive market research to seek target customer groups. Through online or offline organizations, conducting market research and finding target customer groups in major universities and Chinese communities.
  • Determining brand perceptions and reputations. Researching and focusing on market relations. Looking for product directions. Promoting brand concept. Highlighting brand value and irreplaceability. Attracting more potential customers through online and offline social tools and business cooperation. Converting followers to customers. Examples of online media partners are: North American Students Daily, YouTube, Google, and social networking tools such as WeChat, Instagram, Weibo, and offline oversea study aboard agencies such as Jin Geely, New Oriental, which are mainly located in China.
  • Developing groups and collaborating with other marketing specialists. Under the direct management of supervisor, helping to recruit and develop more marketing specialists to work in different market area. Working with other marketing specialists to solicit customer feedback and optimize the company’s products and services. Aa an online sales companies, company needs more marketing specialists in major metropolitan area throughout the United States to communicate with local customers closely.
  • Creating databases and capture market data. Using office software to create customers data including the customers’ name, phone, purchased vehicle model, purchase price and purchase time. Analyzing the sales data and generating reports.
  • Analyzing competitors. Periodically comparing to competitors regarding to the product quality, price, service and customer feedback. Providing reports to management.
  • Collaborating with clients. Meeting with clients to ascertain marketing goals. Assessing client’s promotional needs.
  • Developing sales strategies with sales department. Through the market analysis and data collection, jointly developing company sales strategy with sales department. Evaluating demographics, prices, distribution channels, and marketing areas.
  • Creating questionnaires and surveys. Performing surveys through social media WeChat, university student groups and prior customers regarding to the products and services. Collecting and analyzing the data regarding to the size of markets, spending power, trend of car models, accessories, upgrades and repairs. Optimizing the company’s products and services based on feedbacks. Helping the company develop a reasonable sales strategy.
  • Attending and organizing company-related exhibitions, sales, promotional events, and others. Organizing and coordinating the development of various departments within the company: event planning, booth design, materials printing. Participating in the University exhibitions, community events, the Chinese New Year party, and the Chinese education institutions to the United States exhibitions. Planning sales or promotional activities to increase public awareness of the company.
  • Enhancing the knowledge of advanced statistical analysis and research methodologies, along with common computer programs. Improving productivity with advanced features of WeChat such as the public and group management, circle of friends, and mobile apps. Designing effective ways to analyze market and survey data.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and 2 years’ experience in Marketing. Or 4 years’ experience in Marketing without education requirement.

Location: Delaware Ohio


Send Resume To:

Attn: HR

Super Deal Auto Group LLC

201 E William St, Delaware OH 43015